Commercial Brokers Group

History of Commercial Brokers Group, Inc.

Since its inception in 1987, Commercial Brokers Group has grown into an association of approximately 200 real estate professionals that meet every other month for informational and educational meetings, as well as social and networking events, annual golf outing, Deal of the Year awards ceremony, and holiday party. The mission of the Commercial Brokers Group remains to further and promote the common business interests of commercial real estate professionals and the clients and customers they serve.

As interest in joining the Commercial Brokers Group grew, Affiliate Memberships were added in 2000. The designation of Affiliate allows people and organizations involved in commercial real estate related businesses the opportunity to participate in the association.

Past Board Members:

Teri Bell
TJ Blitz
Chase Brieman
Chris Caulum
Mary Feldt
Annette Gelbach
Ralph Kamps
Robin Koth
Jenny Lisak
Don Michelson
Paul Molinaro
Vicki Mussehl
T. Michael Osborne

Tom Phillips
Charles Redjinski
Mike Reisinger
Chris Richards
Brett Riemen
Ruth Ann Schoer
Sue Springman
Gary Stolen
Katherine Stolen-Sime
Karen Trieloff
Mark Winter
Brian Wolff